Unicorn in the archipelago - trout

At the beginning of autumn, the thoughts of the fisherman and the fishing guide start to be on cooler waters and fall prey fish. In all fishing, it is important that the equipment is suitable for the purpose and, above all, suitable and pleasing to the fisherman. A fishing guide is the right choice if you want to get to know a new game fish, how to fish it and the tools before purchasing the tools. So what if you went trout fishing with a fishing guide in autumn?

kalastus taimen


While waiting for the waters to cool down, it's a good time to review trout fishing equipment. I personally use both a spinning reel and a baitcasting reel depending on the mood, the fishing spot and the weather. In trout fishing, the spinning reel is definitely the easiest and most popular reel. With the right rod and line, it makes trout lures fly far and accurately. As fishing line, I use high-quality and soft fiber line and, perhaps, compared to many other trout fishermen, quite a thick line, even 0.20 mm. Convenience comes first, so that the fishing line can withstand rocks and decoys, even when necessary. The thickness of the line slightly taxes the length of the casts. At the end of the line, I use a 50cm long monofilament, which is probably more of a comfort factor than an effect on eating or catching.


On a fishing trip with a fishing guide, you can also try out slightly different lures. When fishing for trout and choosing a lure, my favorites are very clear. In this sport, in my opinion, the mental abilities of the lure are only emphasized - if it creates faith in the fisherman, it is more likely to bring a catch as well. I mainly use lightweight spoons and very often domestic products.
Colors.... there's more than enough colors available as in all types of lures. Season, weather and fisherman's personal preferences are determining the color choice
Syksymmällä värit on usein vähän tummempia. Päivästä ja fiiliksestä riippuen saattaa päässä olla ihan luomuväriä, hilettä tai räikeämpää väriä, eli harmaata, lilaa, hilettä, oranssia….. Ai niin, pakissa pitää aina olla punamusta, eli pumu.


When fishing for the trout you need to go bit further out in the archipelago from the inner bays near Turku.


There are some common and basic guidelines where to look for a trout. You fish from shallow waters, but there should be deep waters close by. Trout likes moving water and you should also consider how the water is moving based o winds and currents.

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