Spring is coming!

Ice Fishing season is turning to an end and it is time to get the boat on the water.

My open water season starts actually even before the ice has disappeared from my home harbour. I take my boat to an open ramp and head fishing for whitefish. Spring in the archipelago is beautiful and I strongly recommend experiencing it. Easiest way is to book a fishing guide to arrange everything for you.

Whitefish are near the shores looking for food, such as tapeworms, right after the ice melts away. A suitable place for fishing is a sandy or rocky beach that deepens moderately. The water flowing in front of the beach is not really a problem at least. When the weather is right, after a long winter it's really nice to bask in the sun, fish and enjoy those snacks

Whitefish are caught with a bottom line and most commonly with earthworms. How then are the weights, booms, pegs, etc. placed? There are plenty of just the right combinations, but a very simple version works great in this type of fishing as well. When the equipment is in the water, the bottom hook is left to fish and we go to attack the snacks. Most of the time, a whitefish catches when you pour steaming hot coffee into your cup. On a trip with a fishing guide, you can also leave taking care of your snacks on the guide's shoulders and just enjoy nature and fishing.

The end of the season can be seen concretely when a fishing rod catches a perch or a roach more often than a whitefish. Compared to the whitefish, these fish are apparently bit faster movers and when they arrive at the same spot to eat, the whitefish moves a little deeper and in the archipelago also to the outer archipelago.

Contact your fishing guide for a unique archipelago experiment!

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