Fishing in the summer

Summer is certainly not the most favorable time in the archipelago for that record-breaking fish or a larger catch. On the other hand, in the summer the weather favors and pampers the fisherman, and yes, you can find catch there, and sometimes even big fish. Perhaps when you are already thinking about next summer's vacation plans, it is worth taking fishing and a fishing guide as at least one option. During the fishing guide's trip, it's nice to get to know the secrets of fishing in the summer, even with family or a group of friends. When the weather is mild, it is still worthwhile for even the most enthusiastic fishermen to join the boat and enjoy the archipelago.

The pike spawns in the spring and even in early summer there is a good chance to catch a big fish from those spring fishing spots, i.e. shallow reedy bays where the pike have been spawning. The pike starts to eat voraciously after the spawn, and not immediately, if at all, it travels very far from these spots. As the summer progresses, I always head to places where there is at least slightly deeper water nearby. I rarely fish for pike from deep, but even then the edges of the reeds are attractive as a target, also because of the ease.

ou can fish for perch in the summer in many ways, but at least for me it's pretty much jigging in the summer as well. In the summer, it's also nice to throw small lures, blades and other lures when hooking a perch. When the waters are generally warm, the perch do not yet swarm like in the fall. However, with good luck or perhaps with the skills of a fishing guide, you can gather a shoal of drifts, so the feeding can be really lively and you can catch almost every cast. Most of the time, perch fishing in the summer is more peaceful eating, but on the other hand, in the right places in the summer you can catch really big perches.

My summer is basically very traditional fishing without latest equipment such as live somars. 

There's no summer break for the fishing guide. So, in case you find your way to Finland and archipelago, contact a fishing guide for an unforgettable experience!

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