Open Waters!

Ice has melted away - hop on the boat!

Whitefish season has started and there was a story about that in the previous article. If you are thinking of fishing for whitefish this spring or in future springs, get in touch. The fishing guide will be happy to introduce you to this species as well. A fishing trip for whitefish fishing is one of the best early spring trips.

But it's also very nice to fish other species in spring. Along with autumn, spring is the only and right time for trout fishing. It is also nice to fish for pike already in early spring, although the season actually lasts through the summer until autumn.

The trout fishing season starts when the waters warm up a few degrees and continue there until the end of May, when the waters then start to be too warm for trout in the fishing spots. If you've never been sea trout fishing, it's definitely worth a try! The fishing guide will advise you on the basics of this sport as well, and the biggest risk is probably being bitten by a "fishing fly". Some years ago, while fishing for trout in Kustavi, I ran into a fisherman who had been in those waters much longer. At some point he mentioned that you must have fallen ill with the same disease that he fell ill with already 20 years ago:D A fishing trip to fish for trout does not always serve a catch, but always guaranteed landscapes and experiences in the archipelago despite the catch. 

When fishing for pike, on the other hand, spring may offer a lot of catch and even that record-breaking fish. Pike head towards their spawning grounds in the spring and like to catch a lure along the way. Similarly, even after spawning, the pike remain near the spawning grounds and they are almost always hungry. Even if you are already a more experienced fisherman, a spring pike fishing with a fishing guide on a boat may well bring new experiences. At least there is experience of local fishing spots and lures. Even a first-timer can go pike fishing. A fishing trip with a fishing guide at your side might reward you with the biggest fish of your life. Even the first fish of life has sometimes been quite big on these trips.

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