Fishing whitefish in the spring

Fishing for whitefish is a nice combination of picnic and fishing. We fish onshore on beautiful island in the archipelago.

Best season for whitefish is right after the waters clear out from ice. Sun is nicely warming us already and we can enjoy a day outdoors after the long winter.

We can start our trip from anywhere in Turku area. Our fishing spots are either on the mainland, accessible by a car or we take our boat to the beautiful islands.

If you have not fished whitefish earlier or not fished at all, no worries. This is certainly the easiest fishing trip and we start from very basics and there's a guaranteed catch for you!

After our trip we can prepare our catch together, if you wish. Whitefish is absolutely delicious as smoked, fired, you name it!

If you wish to extend your day, we can enjoy our sauna and delicious dinner at our home harbour.

Contact us and we plan the day together

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