Fishing Day

Tailormade fishing day in the archipelago!

With us you can enjoy your fishing day regardless of your prior experience. We always plan the day according to your experience, wishes and the season ongoing. if you no prior experience, we start with very basics and work towards catching your first fish, if you're more experienced, we look for your personal record, new species or fishing methods, just let us know.

Typical trip is 6-8 hours. During the day we provide snacks and drinks and also include a lunch in our program. All fishing gear, safety gear, lures etc are naturally included. Price is flexible depending on the agenda for the day. We offer our services in Turku archipelago - Turku, Naantali, Parainen, Kustavi....

Contact us and we plan together a day you will never forget!

Turun saaristo – Turku, Naantali, Merimasku, Rymättylä, Kustavi, Parainen….